Database Solutions Tailored for Your Business

If your database can’t give you accurate information when you need it, your business will suffer. And if your business has grown and your database no longer meets your needs, you could be wasting valuable time and money searching for information.


Improve Efficiency and Productivity
AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd will work with you to develop a bespoke database, which will make your business more efficient and more productive.  One that will allow you to make accurate and successful decisions, critical to your long term success and profitability.


Whether you run a database that no longer meets your needs – or you’re simply keeping everything on a mish-mash of note paper and spreadsheets – we will design a database to help you manage a wide variety of work processes, making your business more productive and efficient.


• Sales and Purchase Ledgers
• Purchase Order
• Invoicing
• Credit Control
• Management Accounts Reporting
• Forecasting
• Preparing quotes
• Stock control
• Project Managements
• Sales and order processing
• Management work processes.
• Quote preparation


Free Business Assessment


Assess Database Needs


To help us understand your business database needs and provide a solution that is right for you we offer a free business database assessment. Often in the process of understanding individual businesses we find additional ways to make them more efficient.



“They have taken time to fully understand our business, our customers and our future needs. The investment we have made in business systems has moved our business forward and improved efficiency and helped raised our service levels to our customers”
Cherry Hall, Hallmark Electra Ltd


Database Solutions


Depending on your business needs we provide database solutions developed using Microsoft Access (integrated with other Office modules), SQL Server and .NET Technologies.


• Bespoke Database Solutions


Bespoke Access DatabaseYour bespoke database solution will be built around your established processes and to fit with the way that you work. Depending on the complexity of the database this may be a staged build and testing process which allows us to ensure that your database is built with all the functionality required by you.
Once the system development is completed to your satisfaction, we will install the system at your premises and provide full training to ensure you and your staff are able to fully utilise the database in conjunction with their current work.
Our involvement doesn’t end there.  We continue to provide technical support for your business and staff to help with any questions they may have as they begin to use the new system.


• Off the Shelf Database Packages


Our off the shelf database packages are ideal for many small and medium sized companies. As with our bespoke solutions we can provide full installation, training and ongoing support.


System Functional Specifications


If you have the need for a database to be designed, but need to have it fully specified before development so you can ensure your requirements are properly defined, then we can provide you with a full System Funcional specification. These are generally required where your project is likely to be a large and complicated system so that you can get a proper indication of likely costs to produce your requirement.


Annual Support Contracts


If you already have an Access/SQL Database which is critical to your business but do not have the expertise to ensure it stays in working order, an Annual Support Contract would be just the solution for you. Does your Access/SQL Database regularly require maintenance or even regular small enhancements? If so then our Yearly Support Contract would also suit you.


Existing System Enhancements


If you have an existing Microsoft Access or SQL Database which no longer fits your business model, we could rework your system to bring it up to date with your current business practices saving you the cost of having a complete new system.


Systems Integration


Does your business suffer with the same data being stored over and over again in different systems? It may be possible for us to Integrate your systems so that they can share your data without you having to enter the same information across several systems at a time.


Data Report Building


If you have data stored away in systems but you are unable to retrieve this data in a format that helps you monitor your business, we may be able to connect to this data and give you the information you require in a format that suits you.


Database Upsizing


Do you have a Microsoft Access Database that is starting to struggle with the amount of data it is holding, or , is your Access Database starting to struggle with the tasks you require it to carry out? If so, then maybe it is time to get us to move that data over to a SQL Server platform.


Take Your Next Step…


To find out more about the how we can work with you to develop a database solution for your business, call us on 01536 264220 or contact us here.