Aaron Vidgeon

AVCS was founded in 1999 by Aaron Vidgeon after a solid background in the IT Industry.

With a career spanning more than 15 years in the database support and development teams of Lloyds of London, Trusthouse Forte, and Sapphire International, Aaron Vidgeon has a solid background of information management experience, working  primarily with Access and SQL Server, but also with the newer .NET based technology where needed.


Since 1999 AV Computer Services has been helping companies by building databases that allow them to deal with their sales flow, manage their marketing, keep track of their finances, keep in contact with their customers, control stock flow and supplies, control their projects, deliver key information to aid staff efficiency and business competitiveness.  All of this and much more can be achieved by a correctly designed database for your business.

To date, projects have ranged from systems for small factory based clients right up to complete solutions for Multi National Companies and Local Government Agencies using the Microsoft Access, VB, .Net and the Microsoft SQL Server Engine.

Our mission is to work hand in hand with our clients making sure we remain cost effective in providing rapid solutions to short term problems that are easily scalable in the long term to keep up with the business as it grows.


How We Work


The way we work is to first sit down with the client and key members of their organisation to establish how their business operates.  At this point we also go through the requirement that the client has so that we can design a solution that fits neatly into the current working practices and also delivers a cost effective but effective system.

Once we have gathered enough information, we would then go away and work out a cost to produce a solution and also a rough timescale of when this can be completed.

After the client has then accepted our proposal, we would then begin to build the required database.

Once we start to build the database, we would firstly build the core system and deliver that back to the client to enable them to run initial testing and request any minor adjustments.  Whilst the client is testing the core system, we would then embark on building the relevant functionality required on the database such as linking to Word, Excel etc.  The final stage of development would be to build all of the reporting requirements once the core system design is accepted.

During the complete development cycle, we would hold a number of design meetings with the client to ensure that everything is being designed to the use and functionality required by the client.  The number of meetings is dependant on the size of the database solution being developed ranging from only an initial meeting on a small development to any number of meetings on a larger system design.


Post Development


Once the system development is completed to the clients satisfaction, we would then install the system at the clients premises and sit down with the relevant staff and show them how to use the new system in conjunction with their current work.

After the development is completed and installed, we would then be available to support the client over the following month for trouble shooting any problems that appear in the live environment and can also provide a formal support contract for those companies whose staff require that little exra help and support over the longer term when using the database on a day to day basis.


Take Your Next Step…


Give AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd a call on 01536 264220 or leave us a message on our Contact Page to see how we can help your business.