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by davidflanders

Microsoft Access is available with the Microsoft Office Professional suite of business products therefore no additional database software is required if your company purchases computers with this suite of products already installed. Microsoft Access database is likely to be available and supported for years to come because Microsoft Corporation is the best software company in the Globe.

MS Access Databases is the most widely used desktop database system in the world. Microsoft Access Software is the best option and development consultants than any other desktop database system. It is considerably less expensive to implement and maintain contrast to others larger database systems such as Oracle or SQL Server. Microsoft Access database consulting rates are naturally lower for Access consultants compared to Oracle or SQL Server consultants. MS Access integrates well with the other members of the Microsoft Office package of products like MS Excel, MS Word, and Outlook etc.

Other great advantages of Microsoft Access system can be placed on website application for access from remote place of the World’s users. Simple screens can be developed within Access, Data Access Pages. Or full control and functionality can be implemented using Active Server Page (ASP) programming. Besides all above fascinated advantage of MS Access there are some little disadvantage of it, so may not be your best alternative for your Organizational database application development. In some cases your computer systems may not be consistent enough to handle any database management system securely.

The Microsoft Office package of software products is not in your organization’s approved technology set. You need extensive database security because of the highly sensitive nature of the data. Your company needs to run multiple Access databases, some with Access database security enabled and some access without security enabled. A typical trouble create with non-professional experts development of Microsoft Access databases: Poor relational design, too much duplicated data, no primary keys. Incase you have almost 20 people work actively using the Microsoft Access database at the same time for example fast data entry and or queries and reports. Your database servers experience periodic, unexpected crashes that will be great loss for any Organization so Microsoft Access Software would not be much appropriate for big organization.


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