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Infographics are nothing new, but they have recently seen quite a revolution. What is an infographic you ask? It is a picture or an image that quickly informs the viewer. It can often be a culmination of data, or a representation of an action. There are many classic examples of infographics, particularly two that people use daily.

Think about how you view a stop sign or a speed limit sign. Do you read what it says, or do you react to its meaning? These infographics are so common in our every day lives that we no longer have to read the words, we just need to act on their meaning.


Infographics have recently shifted away from traditional forms of representation, to different, innovative and more creative forms. These new infographics almost take the image to a new interactivity and visual interest because they shy away from the pie charts and line graphs of yore. These new infographics are better at informing several levels of data and information into one easy-to-understand graphic. Plus, they are just so cool.

Why has this trend occurred? We think it is for a few reasons.

One, people are increasingly tracking more and more data. This has a lot to do the change of interactivity online. Web 2.0 transformed the Internet into a medium where people were generating and creating data round the clock. Additionally, we track data from custom mobile applications on our phones, from internal software applications, web-based software applications, bank accounts, search engines and from everywhere else.

Second, traditional roles are converging, much like we talked about in our earlier blog post . Where technologists and creative designers were once individual professions, they are now combined into creative technologists, or creative developers. Creativity and fact are now becoming co-dependent on one another, so people are creating better ways for hard facts to be represented by highly-developed imagery.

Why You Should Pay Attention

Because there is so much more data to analyze, more efficient ways to understand things quickly are needed. Getting impactful, summarized data into the hands of decision makers (whether those be CEOs, clients or both) can allow them to act quickly based on data.

Making faster  internal decisions
Giving your customers more informative dashboards to react quickly
Taking your database information to the next level
Creating new and creative ways for people to take a look at your business
Staying competitive,  many are moving toward more interactive and descriptive infographics

As a company that is a leader in the design of custom database systems, we know data inside and out. With this influx of data, our clients need meaningful ways to represent and understand their next steps. We can help with not only the development of your database, but the data visualization 3rd Party tools to give better and more interesting Infographics. Tools like Dundas Data Visualization can give customers rapid dashboards that customize easily and represent data in meaningful ways.

Incorporating leading graphic design into every project is something we strongly value. Our team incorporates this creativity into our design process because we want the momentum to continue. Our custom software development team is a practitioner of infographic design, having both the background in data management and graphic design.

About Lisa Calkins

Lisa Calkins, Amadeus Consulting’s CEO and Co-Founder, is also the Director of Creative Services. Lisa is dedicated to the infusion of creativity into every aspect of Amadeus Consulting, including our custom software application design.


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