Best Resolution for MS Access Database Corruption

by Robert the Noid

While making an attempt to access MS Access Database file, if you receive an error message that states, “broken reference to the file…” then what would be your reaction. There are two possibilities, either you would get irritate because initially as you won’t be able to understand the problem. Or you would understand the problem and would attempt to rectify and perform Access recovery as soon as possible.

Usually, such incidents occur or you get encountered with such messages due to many possible reasons, but some of the most common among them are as follows:


Virus infection in the system

Abrupt shutdown of system

Presence of an incompatible database element

Importing invalid database component

Corruption in an operating system

Unexpected malfunctioning of application

Now, whenever you are encountered with such error message, the consequence remains same. In fact, it can damage database file and may even cause inaccessibility of your Access database and ultimately your most crucial data can be at stake. However, you don’t have to get panic because there is always possibility of recovering the file and overcoming such situation. If you have constantly maintained the proper backup then recovering Access database content is always possible. But, the key question is – what to do when such updated & valid backup is not available? Well, you can still go for Access recovery method like usage of an inbuilt repair utility named “Compact and Repair.”

However, there have been scenarios when an inbuilt utility have fallen short or failed completely to resolve the issue. Access recovery operation fails and the records saved in the database still remains inaccessible. But, then you still have an option of using a powerful Access Repair application. By making the proper usage of third party Access Recovery tool like Kernel for Access recovery you can easily recover the corrupted access database files (MDB and ACCDB) without facing any hassles.

This Access recovery utility very effective in rebuilding and repairing the corrupt access database files. In fact, the tool facilitates you with two different recovery options: Standard Mode and Template Mode. The Standard Mode is feasible and very effective in normal file corruption and allows you to restore the damaged or corrupted access database files instantly. While on other hand, the Template Mode is more fruitful and effective in case of major damages or situations like where the internal database structure has been lost.

The key attribute of this third party Access recovery utility is its capacity to perform the recursive scan of the corrupt database. In fact, it extracts the structure of the access database and the table data from the .mdb and .accdb file. Finally, after completing the analysis, the tool further displays the complete view of the structure of database along with its content.

This is a read only tool and very much competent of performing the repair database objects like queries, tables, forms, macros, reports and modules. Apart from this, the tool has a very interactive GUI which further makes it very easy to operate and moreover a better option.

The author of this article is an IT expert and has written many articles on subjects like Access Recovery Tool and option that could best work out in recovering Access Database Recovery file corruption.

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