Customers Around The World Using The Latest Version Of The Oracle Enhanced Database

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Global enterprises are using a free database development and migration tools for Oracle ® SQLDeveloper, to simplify the development cycle, reduce the need to purchase third-party tools. At present, many enterprises had to purchase third-party tools for developing SQL and PL / SQL code and to their patch. Douglas County, Colorado School District is the third university district, with 50,000-odd students. It is the fastest growing U.S. public school district, one of each of the past five years about 2,500 new students. The school district is its use of all the development projects OracleSQLDeveloper, to deal with the basic daily needs, such as queries, data analysis, the development of all Oracle objects and Oracle products to transplantation. In Missouri, Kansas City, the total strength of the U.S. Marine Corps Division in the Oracle database application development based on large-scale Web applications, using OracleSQLDeveloper as a database, PL / SQL, adjusting SQL, as well as data integration and validation of standards tool. Oracle today announced the general availability of Oracle SQL Developer1.5 version. Has a series of new product features and enhancements, including: Source code control integration – Oracle SQL Developer1.5 Edition implementation with source code control system (such as CVS and Subversion) the close integration of the database developers to retrieve the objects have multiple versions of the repository, and use OracleSQL Developer edit those documents; Expand transplant Workbench support? New Software Now have to Sybase ASE (12? 15 version), Microsoft SQL Server, MicrosoftAccess and MySQL Workbench support functions to provide transplants to provide users with a single tool and environment to help them reduce migration from third-party database to Oracle database the time required, cost reduction and resulting risk. The Oracle TimesTen Memory Database support – Oracle SQL Developer1.5 Edition enables users to link to their Oracle TimesTen Memory Database, browse, create, edit and delete OracleTimesTen memory database objects, run SQL commands and scripts, the implementation of built-in procedures, smart processing and output data, view and generate reports. Support for Oracle Database 11g features -PL/SQL hierarchical analyzer provides users with a report to view the PL / SQL code used in the time where, while PLScope feature also provides expanded search capabilities. Those who can use the Oracle license diagnostic Administration Kit (OracleDiagnostics Pack) users to run an automatic workload repository (Automatic WorkloadRepository) and the effective time of history (Active Session History) report. The latest version of Oracle SQLDeveloper also provides a comprehensive enhanced features, including enhanced replication and comparison of the wizard mode. They enable database developers from one mode to another mode of replication objects and data, and compare them to the database using various models. Oracle SQL Developer is a free product that runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows platforms. Oracle Database license Oracle through to customers on the product support. All of the terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Oracle also offers registered users a free online forum for their discussion OracleSQL Developer’s topic. Oracle SQL Developer is now available Oracle Database 11g running on the proven ability to run the Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Standard Edition, the first version of the. The tool can also run on all versions of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle 9i database, the second edition. Introduction to Oracle executives and customers Douglas County School DistrictTonyGolden program analyst, said: “Over the years, Douglas County School District has been using Oracle SQLDeveloper, the software is particularly impressive is that it can simultaneously connect to multiple databases, search all the database objects. It is easy to get, easy to install, free, than our old tool to secure more. Moreover, it is constantly getting better. ” Marine Corps civilian members MaggieTompkins Oracle Development Tools Users Group is a long-term members, she said: “We have completely abandoned the other tools available, we just no longer need these tools only. OracleSQLDeveloper help us solve all the problem. because it is a free product, we save a lot of money gang. It also provides our developers a standard tool, widely loved by the developer. The software makes it easy for training and support. ” Oracle vice president of software development MikeHichwa said: “We have been working closely with the database developer community Cooperation To better understand their needs, enhance product functionality to collect user requirements, the latest version of OracleSQLDeveloper provides a comprehensive enhancements to improve usability of the software, but also to improve the user’s overall efficiency. In addition, OracleSQLDeveloper also to source code control integration in the form of a major new feature, further from the tool database developers to the internal management of SQL and PL / SQL text. This means that all the database development tools in a single development environment. ”

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