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by davidflanders

A database (DB) is a collection of organized and data that can be managed, accessed, or updated. Databases are classified according to their nature of contents as full-text, numeric bibliographic, and images. In computing terminology, a database is a structured data or records that are stored in a computer system.
A typical database contains a collection of file records such as customer profiles, sales transactions, inventories and product catalogs. In computer software development, a feature known as the database manager enables the users to access and manage the records. A database is usually found in large mainframe systems, but can also be prevalent in mid-range systems, distributed workstation, and even on personal computers.
Most database systems are built using a particular model. The most common model used is the relational model. This model allows the database designer to create a consistent and a logical representation of information. Another model is the hierarchical data model. In this model, the data is organized into a tree-like structure. Yet another model type is the network model in which the data can be replicated or dispersed among several points in a network. Apart from these three popular models there are also other models that are of recent development. Object database is one such new programming model which is also slowly gaining acceptance. This model attempts to bring together the application programming world and the database world closer.
However, with custom software programming you can create customized database that suits your business requirements. There are many software companies that offer custom software development services . These service providers develop customized database which would suit your company’s requirements. They will provide you services including database development, implementation and analysis, database consulting, or database upgrades. So consider the services offered by these solution providers and fulfill your business requirements.

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