Database Models: Relational, Object-oriented and Object-Relational Model

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Article by Manish Shrivastava

A database model is a structure of a database. It is a theory describing how a database is structured and used. A data model also defines a set of operations performed on the data, thus ensuring a successful custom software development process. There are several models including relational model, object model and object relational model. Let us learn more about such models:

Relational Model:

Developed by E.F Codd, a relational model allows definition of retrieval operations, integrity constraints data structures and storage. Based on the relational model, RDBMS involves the relations between data organized in tables. The properties of the relational tables are:

Each row is distinct or unique.Column values are of the same type.Insignificant sequence of columns and rowsUnique name for each column

Object Relational Model:

The object relational (OR) is an evolutionary technology that has inherited the flexibility of the object oriented model and the performance management capability of the relational model. ORDBMSs (Object/relational database management systems) are based on the object relational model. At the center of modern information systems, they add new object storage capabilities to the relational systems. Software development companies employ these new capabilities to integrate management of complex objects such as geospatial data and time-series and binary media such as images, applets, audio and video.

Object-Oriented Model:

The object-oriented approach is based on the integration of database development and application into a seamless language environment and data model. In comparison to the relational approach, object DBMSs have no performance management overhead to store or retrieve a hierarchy of objects that are interrelated. With the help of this approach software development service require less code to build applications. Developers can easily maintain code bases and use more natural data modeling. Thus, application developers can write complex database applications with a minimum effort.

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