Disparity between Database Developer and Database Manager

by Michael Kappel

Database developers build management systems to make available effective and efficient access to information accumulate in user databases. They provide expertise and guidance in the design and implementation of database management systems. Database developers organize the design and use of the database and they also decide the way the filing systems will be organized and accessed. A vital part of this work involves implementing and managing security procedures to protect the database from unintentional or intentional damage or loss. They must be excellent at communicating not only in machine languages but also with people as well. They not only develop the programs, but write up descriptions about them, prepare manuals, help screens, or explain the new systems in person to users.

Role of Database Developer:

Monitoring query performance and responses to the end users database. Mapping out the conceptual design for database in outline. Considering both back end organization of data and front end accessibility for end users.

A database manager is in charge for the performance, integrity and security of a database management system. Besides that role of database manager are planning, development and troubleshooting. The work of a database manager varies according to the nature of the employing organization and the step of responsibility associated with the post. The work may be pure maintenance or it may also involve specializing in database development.

Role Database Manager

The main role of the database manager seems to be everything that everyone else either does not want to do, or does not have the ability to do. Database manager get the desirable task of figuring out all of the things no one else can figure out. Like Installation, configuration and upgrading of database server software and related products. Estimate database features and database related products Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures. Take care of the Database design and implementation. Implement and maintain database security. Perform database tuning and performance monitoring. DBA as well as Manager perform application tuning and performance monitoring. Setup and maintain documentation and standards. Work as part of a team and provide 24 hours support when required. Perform general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams.


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