Microsoft Access Database: Presenting a Complete Data Management Solution for Small Business Units

by Robert the Noid

Database management systems have become an important part of every business. And in an age of information where you have to depend on quick and ready availability of information, DBMS are what an organization need for speedy and smooth execution of various tasks. A database can store an endless numbers of data and records in multiple formats. A database can be access by different individuals and workgroups simultaneously. How the data are stored and accessed is defined by a database program. A database management system which is quite popular and suitable for a small business set-up is Microsoft Access. This is a desktop database system supports up to 2GB of data storage and as such is suitable for a small number of people working across a network. Though Access has limitations when it comes to web friendly features, Access development is no doubt popular among individuals and small business units.

The number of users MS Access can support simultaneously depends on the application design, level of use, amount of data stored and the tasks performed. The database system can support up to fifty simultaneous users. If the application is design just to store data or retrieve data, it can support more simultaneous users. If the system is designed to execute complex queries and analysis, fewer users are supported. Nevertheless MS Access is really suitable for a small workgroups and departments with few hundred people. Moreover this database system is scalable. It can support multiple Access databases to support more users as well as data.

MS Access has many advantages especially since it is a product of Microsoft. It comes as a package along with other MS Office programs and hence you need not buy this solution separately. This means it is an economical solution. Moreover as maximum of the computers operates on Windows, Access will continue to receive support in the coming years. The only limitation with this database solution is limited web features. Especially with the growing popularity of ecommerce, the requests for database driven web applications development are quite high so also are the request for online databases. For cutting edge web database software, you can depend on Alpha software.

Nevertheless, Microsoft Access database remains a favourite desktop database system.

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