Migrate Access Database To SQL

Migrate Access Database to SQL

Thursday, Oct 08, 2009

Database converter is an advance utility to convert entire database records or particular tables from MS Access to MySQL database server accurately. MS Access to MySQL DB migrator software supports all MS Access data types, indexes and attributes including null, primary, foreign or unique key constraints. Database conversion tool also migrate password protected Microsoft Access database (MDB) files to MySQL server. Database converter utility supports all major versions of MS Access database server and does not change the functionality of database during conversion. Database migration software supports Unicode architecture with multibyte character sets and maintains database integrity for accurate DB conversion. Database converter utility facilitates users to overwrite the contents of existing MySQL database or save the converted MS Access database records as new destination database. DB conversion application efficiently converts database tables from MS Access server to MySQL format without any data loss. MS Access database migrator is an economical tool that requires very less space of your hard disk and time to perform database conversion process.

Migrate Access Database to SQL version available in best reasonable price only US dollars (Rs. 2,154approx).


* MS Access to MySQL DB migration software converts MS Access database tables into MySQL server in an efficient manner.

 * Database converter utility supports all MS Access data types, attributes, indexes, null value, primary key, unique key etc while converting the database records.

* Access to MySQL DB conversion tool has an interactive graphical user interface.

* Instantly converts table’s records with attributes and indexes keys.

* Supports conversion of MS Access database into MySQL database or overwrite the converted database records.

* Software supports all major versions of Microsoft Access and MySQL database with necessary data types and attributes.

* Provides interactive wizard style Graphical User Interface.

* Supports all major Windows based operating system and provides step built help menu for the assistance of users.




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