New Database Synchronization Tool Helps Sql Developers and Dbas Keep Databases in Sync

by Michael Kappel

New version of Database Restyle – Library includes a software component and visual wizard. Component is integrated directly into your application, so that you can execute database synchronization from your application. This feature provides undoubtful competitive advantage as you don’t need to install additional software on the client side and incur additional costs.

Visual tool provides the ability to save database snapshot, compare two databases and synchronize them. It works in the wizard mode: convenient and intuitive interface allows execution of mentioned tasks with a few mouse clicks. You just need to specify connections to databases, compare them, then the product will compose compare list containing all objects that should be modified, added or removed and generate script for synchronization; you just need to click buttons. The wizard provides clear visual display of schema differences so you understand them at a glance. It’s all about saving time, the Database Restyle wizard eliminates the need for you to figure out how things work in the product – you just follow the prompts from one step to the other. No coding or manual comparing or writing scripts!

Thus, all scripts generated for database synchronization will be typified and address corporate standards. Database developers and DBAs won’t waste their time to write scripts at first, and then to find out that they are not acceptable for some reason. Database Restyle – Library is a real lifesaver, allowing developers to focus on optimizing the production database instead of spending all the time making sure it is up-to-date.

Automatic generation of scripts and synchronization of databases doesn’t mean you are unable to control the process. Developers and DBAs can control any stage of database synchronization and force virtually any aspect of the work. Using Database Restyle component they can re-define procedures, add extra entities, execute additional scripts, skip some objects during synchronization, etc. Using the Wizard they can select objects to be synchronized and review generated scripts.

Both visual and non-visual constituents of Database Restyle -Library are easy-to-use: component uses only a few methods to get and synchronize database schemas, and you don’t even need to know how the product works when you use the wizard.

Using the product, you will be able to execute database synchronization in two ways: directly from your application and via a stand-alone tool. Get both features in a single product!

Database Restyle – Library used in the project will significantly increase its ROI, as product will pay for itself during 2-4 billing hours of your developers. Quite a good deal, isn’t it?

Visit Database Restyle – Library home page to get more information.

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