PHP Web Development And Benefits

by Michael Kappel

Article by Manish Rawat

In general word PHP (Hypertext Processor) is a server side scripting language especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is widespread used and can do functioning on any server either UNIX or Windows and that is why its accessibility is more than windows. The popularity of this language is increasing day by day. The speed on Linux server of the new version PHP5 is such that it helps to create very large and complex web applications also. Moreover it easily connects with MySql which is the most popular online database.

Development of PHP application is done offsite and then these applications are coded into HTML page. There are so many benefits of using PHP web application development. Here some of the benefits are as follows -:

1)Free of cost -: This web language is absolutely free. Any web developer can download PHP free of cost.

2)Royalty free -: You can use this without paying any kind of fee. Nobody has the authority to demand any kind of fee for using PHP. It is not a licensed product.

3)No restrictive licenses -: There is nothing like which can restrict you to use PHP application development. Developers can use it in their own way they want.

4) Very low Server Bills: PHP applications are mostly developed to run open source servers like Linux or Apache and being an open source there is a low server maintenance bills.

5) Grown Code: PHP is one of the oldest scripting languages and has maturely grown over the years

6) Continuous Updating: PHP community regularly updating PHP application development.

7)Different Databases: PHP can work with MySQL database, widely used online database. Beside this it can also work with business databases like MSSQL. So, if web developers want to migrate from programming language to PHP then there will be no any additional cost.

8) Easy to learn: Learning the basics of PHP for PHP web development is very easy, it just take less than one month to learn it. Companies are also giving the training for fresher in PHP application development.

9) Number of IDE’s: There are huge numbers of integrated development environment (IDE) that makes PHP application development easier as they have numerous tools for coding through PHP.

10)PHP has high Compatibility with all the Web Servers: PHP applications work as well as high compatibility with almost all the web servers like LINUX and MICROSOFT and many others.

11) Proved Technology: Its being 15 years and still PHP is popular among all the people related to web development. This is a enough to prove that PHP is a great technology in recent times. Most Famous sites like Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia and Digg use PHP.

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