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Have you ever received the “3005 <Database name> isn’t a valid database name” message while working with MS Access? If yes, do you know why MS Access database displays this error? There can be many reasons behind this error message like “the database file you are trying to open is not a valid MS Access database file,” “database file header might have been corrupted,” “database file might have been damaged,” etc. Among various reasons behind the occurrence of this error message, the most common reason is damage of the database file.

An Access database file can get damaged due to various logical and physical reasons like virus infection, abrupt system shutdown, sudden power failure, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors, etc. When the Access database file gets damaged, MS Access fails to open it and displays error message. Due to the Access database file damage, you can also lose all the data stored in it, which you might have collected after spending lots of time and efforts. Now, the question is what you will do if you receive an error message showing database cannot be accessed. Will you create a new database and import the required data in it? Yes, you can do that but only when you have backup of that data otherwise importing data from damaged database file is not possible.

In that situation, you can do only one thing to get all the data objects back from damaged Access database file. That solution is Access repair. But, the question is how to repair the damaged Access database file. You can repair the damaged Access database file using Access repair and recovery tools. There are many third-party Access database repair tools available in the market that enables you to repair Access database file with ease.

Most of the organizations that deal in data recovery software provide database repair and recovery programs with trial version. You just need to find such program and evaluate its trial version to confirm the quality and efficiency. Finding the cost-effective but the best Access repair solution totally depends on the way you execute the trial version. Spend some time on evaluating some Access repair programs and once satisfied with any of them, purchase it.

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