Bespoke Database Solutions

Bespoke Database Development

A Bespoke Database Takes the Guesswork out of Managing Your Business.

Your business success depends on being able to access your critical information, quickly.

And you need to know that the information you see is accurate, up-to-date and 100% secure.

A bespoke database can help you:

    • Run financial reports
    • Measure Key Performance Indicators
    • Manage your team
    • Coordinate departments
    • Control stock
    • Share information with key players
    • Monitor the status of any aspect of your operation

Whether you operate in a logistics, sales, manufacturing, retail, service or any other market, a database tailored to your specific needs will save you time, and save you money.

      “Our AV Computer Services database incorporates all aspects of the internal management of the       organization to include sales and order processing, administration, project management, production       and support elements.
      It is now an invaluable tool that helps all staff manage their workload and assists in ensuring customer       satisfaction targets are achieved.”
      R Potts, North Supply Ltd

To find out how your business can benefit from a bespoke database designed to compliment, not interrupt the way you do business, contact us here or call us now on 01536 264 220 for an informal chat.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Don’t get us wrong – spreadsheets work well at what they’re designed to do. But if you’re trying to keep track of your critical data, contacts, projects and other information, you’ll know the limitations.

Multiple spreadsheets, maintained by different people in different departments mean your data quickly becomes fragmented – and trying to pull it all together can become a logistical and administrative nightmare.

With a bespoke database, one click of the mouse can produce a report that gives you an instant view of where your business is. A snapshot in time (or a period of time) that you can use to make fast, accurate and profitable decisions.

Call us on 01536 264 220 to find out what that could mean for your business.