Data Report Building

Report Building
One of the biggest failures in most companies is being able to sort their data into information that they can understand.  Every company has data relating to their business whether it is Customer information, Sales data or even Production data but being able to interpret this data is not always so easy.  For example, can you easily see which customer is your best customer over the past year? Or even, which product are you making the best margin on?

These are the types of questions that every business owner should be able to see at the push of a button if they are to succeed in business.

At AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd, we can help you get the right information in the right format so that you can see how your business is really performing rather than what you think you know.

Whether your data is held in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or even on a series of spreadsheets, we can write you the reports that are important to your success in your business.

Using a variety of tools ranging from the reporting tool in Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, QlikView or SQL Server Reporting Services, we can interpret your data and produce the information you require in an easy to understand way for you.

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