Database Upsizing

Are you trying to run an old version of Access on one of the new operating systems?

Database Upsizing

Many businesses running old Access Databases are beginning to find their systems struggling under the newer operating systems but, moving their databases on to the newest versions of Microsoft Access is not always as easy as point and click.  Most old Access databases require some level of redesign and recoding to allow them to function properly in the latest Microsoft Access versions.  At AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd, we can upgrade your Access Database to one of the latest versions of Access to allow you to continue to use your systems in your newer operating environments.

Is your Access database slowing down and starting to have problems due to a high volume of data held?

If your database is handling a high volume of information or has been in existence for a number of years, you may find that it is slowing down or even stopping all together when you try to run certain functions. This normally means it is time to move your data to a more stable platform designed to handle larger amounts of information.  AV Computer Services can upsize your data from your Microsoft Access database into a SQL Server platform whilst still retaining your Access database user interface.  This way you get a more robust and stable data storage platform whilst retaining the same functionality of your old database saving you the time and money of your staff having to re-train on a new system.

Are you finding that you have to repair your Access database more frequently or you are starting to lose information in your Access database?

If you are, then this is a sure sign that your Access database is starting to struggle to either handle the amount of data that is stored or is beginning to have a problem with the amount of data manipulation that it has to carry out.  When this starts to happen, then it is time to act quickly.  Failure to deal with this will eventually cause your database to become corrupt beyond repair and you will lose all of your company data that you have stored.  Before this happens you should consider moving your data to the more robust SQL Server platform which is built specifically to handle large amounts of data.

Take Action Now….

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