Existing System Enhancements

Existing System Enhancements
At AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd we do not have to write you a complete system from scratch. If you have an Access or SQL database that is partially complete, or that just does not fulfil your requirements any more, we can take over the development to ensure that your database can grow in line with your business needs.  

Tackling the more complex VBA/Transact SQL coding on behalf of your IT Department.

Many companies have some form of in-house IT development team.  However, since they are primarily employed to keep the company hardware running with a small amount of software knowledge just to manage the day to day user software requirements, they are not always fully suited to tackle the more complex elements of building a database to achieve everything that the company requires it to do.

In this case, AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd can be used to take over the development of your database systems once your IT Department has built the initial core part of the system. This way, all of the bells and whistles that require extensive VBA or Transact SQL knowledge can be achieved, giving you your complete solution that you require without the time and extensive learning curve required for your IT department to carry out the same service.  

Adding New Functionality to Old Systems.

Another common scenario that AV Computer Services are often called in to deal with is where a company has Access / SQL database that no longer fits the needs of the company.  In this case, we can sit down with you, ascertain your additional requirements and then revamp your tired database so that it can continue to be used with your current business practices.

Many businesses do not realise that if they have a suitable database structure to start with but that no longer fits their business requirement, we can build on this without having to start from nothing and therefore cutting out some of the costs otherwise incurred from starting from scratch.  

Working Alongside Your In-House Development Team.

Although not so common, AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd can also work alongside your existing development team if they find that they do not have enough resources to build your solution in the timescales required.  

Take The Next Step…

Whatever your dilemma, whether your old trusted system no longer performs as required or your IT Department do not have the immediate skills to take your database to the next level, give us a call on 01536 264220 or go to our contact page to see what we can do to help you.