Systems Integration

Systems IntegrationOne of the common problems facing anyone running a business today is the duplication of information that is used to run the business.  Since a variety of systems are required to successfully carry out the various functions involved with running a business such as customer management, stock management, invoicing and accounting, many businesses find themselves having to enter the same information across a variety of different databases.

AV Computer Services can help you to integrate all of your different systems so that they can all share one common set of information.  This will then save you the time and cost of having to enter multiple copies of the same information into different systems.  

The Problem.

We recently visited a business where they had three different systems which were all important to the running of their business.  The first system they were using was the Merlin EPOS Windows Based Till System.  This allowed them to handle stock control, products, customer information and sales from the shop floor. The second system was a customer management system which allowed them to send out monthly newsletters, special offers that they were running in their shop and a variety of other contact activities to their clients.  The third system was their Sage Line 50 Accounting system.

The key problem was that in order to be able to do all of the daily functions of their business, they had to firstly enter the customer information into their EPOS system when a product sale was made.  Then in their back office, they then had to re-enter the same customer information into their customer management system to enable them to keep regular contact with their customers.  The next step was to enter those same customers once again, into their Sage Accounting system to carry out their various accounting functions.

Although each system was great in its own way, they really did not talk to each other properly and failed to properly share information.  This meant that the same data had to be entered three times.  

The Solution.

On investigation of each of the systems, AV Computer Services came up with a solution where we were able to keep the EPOS System and the Sage Accounting system as these were really not able to be replaced, but to replace the Customer Management System with a bespoke database system written by us that would connect directly to the EPOS system customer data and allow that data to be directly used from our system to allow the various customer contact functions to be carried out.  This system then also connected with their Sage Accounting System to write away any new customers that were entered in at the till stage of the complete sales process.

By just providing a new solution to the Customer Management System that was written specifically to the customer needs, AV Computer Services were able to link the three elements of the business together sharing the same data.  It also meant that when the back office took calls from prospective customers, their data could be entered directly into the system for the EPOS system to automatically recognise when that prospective customer then came into the store and made a purchase.

Although AV Computer Services were able to build a system in this instance to just replace one of the systems used, it is not always possible to gain access to the data from other systems so it may be the case that a completely bespoke database would need to be written to encompass all of your requirements to replace your existing systems.  

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