Annual Support Contracts

Annual Support Contract With business the way it is today, it is nice to be able to budget for any glitches that occur with your systems instead of finding that you have to suddenly pay a large lump sum to fix your system problems if your database suddenly stopped working.

At AV Computer Services (UK) Limited, we believe in trying to give you the best value that we possibly can without hitting you with any sudden surprise costs.

The way we do this is with an Annual Support Contract.

If we have previously developed or worked on enhancing your system, we are always happy to provide you with one of our Yearly Support Contracts so that you can budget for any unforseen problems with your system.  If we have never worked on your system, then we would need to investigate your system to make sure that we were able to take on the future support of your system before agreeing to supplying you with an Annual Support Contract.

However, although our support contracts act a bit like an insurance policy, they include so much more that they may prove to be very cost effective for your business.  After all, nobody likes to pay out money and not receive anything for their hard earned cash even though they are essentially paying for peace of mind.

As stated, our support contract includes a whole lot more than just being like an insurance against your system ceasing to work. The elements included in our Annual Support Contract are as follows:

Support for any problems or glitches that occur with your system.

This is the core element of a support contract and essentially where you are paying for peace of mind.  Should your system suddenly stop working, or any unforseen problems occur with your system, we will investigate and fix these issues to the best of our abilities regardless of how long it takes us to resolve your problems.  Although this is normally dealt with by remotely connecting to your system (we can normally fix 99% of all problems this way), there may be the odd occasion where the problems arise from a specific environment and can only be resolved by physically visiting your site. 

In this instance we would allow for one on-site visit within your contract free of charge with any further visits incurrring a reduced fee.  More often than not, these problems occur through data being incorrectly stored in your system and thus causing various areas of the system to cease working because of this.  These can often take 4+ hours alone to track down the offending data and put it right.  

Provide Help and Advice on the usage of your Database.

As part of a support contract, we are available to be contacted at any time should you want to know either how to do something from within your system or even just for some additional advice on how things work within your database.  

Out of Hours Support.

Telephone and Dial in Support

We understand that when small glitches occur with your system, it may not be viable at the point the problem occurs to take down your complete system during business hours, especially if the problem is only affecting a very tiny part of your business.  Not only that, many of our clients keep unconventional hours and need support when they work not just when AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd wants to work!

AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd understand this since time is money and stopping your staff working for a few hours during their normal working day could lose you valuable revenue.  Therefore, where viable, we endeavour to do any system fixes or updates to your system outside your normal working day so that we can keep any disruption to your business at a minimum.  

Minor System Enhancements and Upgrades.

AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd often finds that a lot of the system problems that a business will encounter during the database lifecycle are not actually glitches or bugs within the system.  Instead they are actually shortfalls in the database where the business is unable to get information out of the system in a way they require it.
Since most businesses today are continually tweaking and monitoring their business processes to get the most efficiency and productivity out of their business, they regularly require more new reports and minor system changes to keep their database in line with their business model. As part of a Yearly Support Contract with us, we give you 6 days development to call of in half day chunks to carry out all of those minor reporting requirements and system changes without it costing you any more money for the further development of your system.

50% Reduction on Our Daily Rates.

All clients that take out an Annual Support Contract will be entitled to all enhancements to their database, whilst they hold a yearly support contract, to be carried out at a 50% reduced rate from our normal daily rate.  If your company is one that is continually evolving and refining their business processes, this alone could be worth the cost of the support contract.  For example, at current rates, if you were to require 10 days worth of changes over the course of a year above the 6 days that are already covered by the support contract, then you would already save the cost of the Yearly Support Contract which would mean that you would technically be getting all of the other benefits of the support contract for free.  

Current Annual Support Contract Cost.

The current cost of an Annual Support Contract for your database with AV Computer Services (UK) Ltd currently stands at £2040+VAT per year but, if you consider the benefits and the peace of mind you would be receiving, this is worth every penny.  It also means that you can properly budget for your database requirements without being hit by any unexpected costs should a problem occur.

If £2040+VAT is too much for you to pay in one go, then we also offer the same yearly contract on a Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plan of £200+VAT a Month.  

Take The Next Step.

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