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by Chris Devers

Article by Aidam

Microsoft Access Database has a special feature which helps in recording vast amounts of data that ensures efficient handling of any business. This database utility package was launched in the year 1992 by Microsoft. It was combined with the Microsoft Office suite as well as available as a standalone package. It can be used to create simple as well s complex database solutions. It is also popular among non programmers as they can create visually pleasing solutions with the use of very little or sometimes no code. With the use of Microsoft Access, databases can be placed on networks which can be used by multiple users without overwriting each other’s work. It is preferred over MS Excel as it only locks data at the record level while Excel locks the entire spreadsheet. Creating databases and linking them with each other is more complex in MS Excel. Programmers can also create solutions using the programming language Visual Basic for Applications. Features like Form objects, Reports, Queries object are very simple and can be used according to your needs. Through the Graphical User Interface, users can easily manipulate and access the data. It can be used by software developers and architects to build application software and can be used by power users to build simple applications.

As Access Databases are associated with the Microsoft Office PC suite, additional charges for installation and maintenance are not required. It is highly efficient to use in small and medium scale industries as well as for users who deal in small amount of data. Its main advantage is that it ensures complete retrieval of data in case of any data loss. You can load data and launch reports even in case of system crashes. If you have an ecommerce website, you can manage inventory lists with the help of databases in Access. Data can be easily copied and pasted from the database to the listing.

Splitting the database is a popular feature of Microsoft Access Software. Performance of the database is enhanced by splitting and will minimize the chances of data corruption. As a result, users don’t have to take the headache of frequent data repairs.

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