Website Development Process Part 2

by Michael Kappel

Article by Abhinandan Garg

Stage 4 – DesignAfter the planning phase is the design of web pages. In this phase, the company logo, colors, background, etc, to be used on the website are taken into account. More of a prototype web page design must be created. Prototypes are typically displayed to the customer. The client approves one of many prototypes and new jobs can be done on the website. This is a crucial stage in the process of developing the portal. The prototype must match the demand and the customer. It is better to work in close coordination with the client at this stage, so that does not lead to problematic situations. The database team will take the database requirements in mind at this time. The database design will also be completed simultaneously.

Step # 5 – DevelopmentAfter the project has been approved, the actual development process begins. The process usually begins with the development of the home page. There are prototypes or models created for the other pages. All required elements on the site are implemented in this phase. Along side the development of website, database developers will also work on developing databases.

Step # 6 – Writing contentWebsite content is an important part of the web. The content must be written so that customers are attracted to the product or services offered by the company. The development of web site content can be assigned to professional content developers. These professionals are governed by writing the contents of the website, which will consider the design of templates, grammar, spelling and develop relevant content and specific.

Step # 7 – TestingAs with any software, the website also has to go through the software life cycle test. Software testing for web sites is more rigorous. The testing procedure should take into account the multi-user system, with server requirements, etc. web browser testing is also carried out to ensure that the site does work in all browsers. Both procedures were automated and manual test performed on the system. After all the testing facilities have been carried out, the real-time testing of the site begins.

Step # 8 – DeliveryAfter final approval of the site, the site of delivery. Typically, web development services also offer domain name registration with web hosting services. You may want to find low cost web hosting to lower the cost of the website. The site is loaded on a web server, and the last test performed. The last test ensures that all necessary files have been uploaded and the site is fully functional.

Step # 9 – Maintenance and UpgradeThis is an important process in the process of website development. It is important to keep the site updated with the new requirements. For the web site may have to go through the cycle again. In case of any problem to the site, measures to be taken to remedy the problem promptly.

After the process of website development is more, the measures must be taken to increase website traffic. Different measures will also be taken to the site is included in the web directories that will help the website to better traffic and customers. Web presentation in different search engines can also be considered, as it will help increase traffic to your website.

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Stage 4 – DesignAfter the planning phase is the design of web pages. In this phase, the company logo, colors, background, etc, to be used on the website are taken into account.

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