Why Use a Database?

Why does Your Company Need a Bespoke Database?

A bespoke database is written specifically to your business needs.

  • It will enable you to automate those mundane tasks such as diarisation of information to remind users to deal with something at a later date etc
  • This gives your business better productivity and accuracy by allowing your staff to concentrate on the more important work.
  • It is easier to get the exact information you require from the database in the form of reporting
  • A bespoke database will be more intuitive to your staff since it is built in line with the way they are already working.

My Company Uses Excel, Whats Wrong with that?

Many companies tend to have members of staff who know a little about using Excel Spreadsheets. Due to this, they end up with different members of staff storing duplicated information across a miriad of different spreadsheets and running the risk of not always getting the most up-to-date information.

Another problem with this is that even if everyone is using the same spreadsheet, multiple staff cannot update a single spreadsheet at the same time opening the door to critical data not getting updated. With a database, this is no longer the case.

Why Not Buy an “off the shelf” Database

There are a number of different off the shelf databases on the market today for a whole range of different business sectors. However, the main problem with these is that because they are normally generalised, you very often have to change your business working practices in order to get your business working with a system rather than getting a system to work with your business.

Another problem with an off the shelf database package is that once again, because they are normally very generalised to fit a wide variety of businesses, they are all too often lacking in the real processes that you require to run your business effectively since they do not know your business like you do.

AV Computer Services

We Provide the means for you to get a bespoke database that is built around Your Already Established Processes and to fit with the way that your staff already do their work. This means that a smoother transition over to a database can be achieved.

This then Allows you to:

  • Automate the tasks that are important to You.
  • Improve Productivity and Accuracy.
  • Provide Reports that are relevant to Your Needs.

For example, how often have you wondered what your average customer spend per year is or maybe which customers have not ordered anything this year, giving you the ideal opportunity to target them with some subtle reminder mailshots? This is also one of the major failings with an off the shelf package in that you very often cannot get the information that you really require to help move your business forward.

Although initially, it may appear to be more expensive to have a database written specifically for your business needs, this is a false economy as you need to consider the costs of altering your business structure to fit a database rather than the database being constructed around your established business model. These costs encompass things such as re-training staff, altering business processes and the costs of not being able to track your business specific information allowing you to make those important business decisions in a timely manner.

When you decide it is time to help your business move forward, go to our contact form and give us some brief details and we will give you a call back.